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Multi-Vendor Network Support

All data and voip networks, almost without exception, rely on equipment from a diverse number of vendors.

In many cases, this is simply because different vendors produce equipment which is more efficient, more economic or just plain works better than other vendors for a particular function.

However, this leaves you in a poor position with regard to staffing. It's hard to find staff who are sufficiently competent using more than 2 or 3 vendors equipment.

We have the answer!
L3n can offer qualified, certified engineers
for the majority of mainstream hardware

If you outsource your Multi-Vendor Network Support to L3n then we can supply:

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Certified Bluecoat Engineers
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Certified Checkpoint Engineers
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Certified Cisco Systems Engineers
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Certified F5 Engineers
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Certified Juniper Engineers
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Certified Paloalto Engineers
...and many more

If you allow L3n to support your Multi-Vendor Network, you have access to:

  • Multi-vendor engineering expertise
  • Use of a remote secure network management system
  • 24-hour help desk and Network Operations Centre
  • Remote access for advice, configuration, adds/moves/changes, troubleshooting and resolution of faults from identification to fix
  • Access to professional services for design, installation etc
  • Comprehensive cross-vendor approach to trouble-shooting and fault resolution
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Hardware supply

If you have a mixed environment, and we lay odds that you do,
call L3n on 0845 450 4944 or contact us via our network support enquiry page

Contact us via our network support enquiry page or call 0845 450 4944 to discuss a Multi-Vendor Network Support Contract

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