Infosim StableNet® Systems Management Solution

Infosim EMA Value Leader

StableNet® Introduction

L3n is proud to be an Infosim StableNet Value Added Reseller, and have several years of experience with the product in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, National Utilities and Telecoms.

StableNet, written by Infosim GMBH, is a mature award winning ITIL centric product boasting an impressive feature list covering all of the principle aspects of infrastructure management for the medium to large scale enterprise. It supports by default a vast array of equipment, from Cisco to F5, Windows 10 to VSphere ESXi.

L3n can work with you to specify, design and supply your Infosim StableNet solution. We also can support and enhance existing StableNet solutions.

L3n can integrate your existing, and/or build new value-added applications to leverage the power of StableNet to enhance your business processes, to facilitate system management capabilities that you hadn't dreamed possible.

A comparison of StableNet against competitor products may be viewed here.

Infosim have published an executive overview video here. For more detailed videos, there are many to be found on

StableNet® in More Detail

Infosim StableNet screenshot
Infosim's StableNet
Systems Management Solution

StableNet is a purpose built carrier-class systems management solution based around three main core functions:

  • Performance Management
  • Fault Management
  • Configuration Management

Performance Management seeks to provide a capacity centric approach to optimising your infrastructure.

Some examples of the areas reported upon include:

  • Capacity Management
  • Topologies
  • Hardware Inventories
  • End-of-life / Lifecyle
  • Usage trending
  • Service availability
  • IP telephony metrics
  • Vulnerabilities
  • QoS
  • Syslogs
  • Non-compliant device configurations
  • Netflow

Fault Management to quantify fault occurrence, cause and MTTR for continuous improvement.

  • Real-time Root Cause Monitoring for a vast array of tolerance violations
  • NOC response times - ie time to acknowledge, time to fix
  • Potential auto fix of known and re-occuring faults
  • Service layer availability

Configuration Management for change control and standards policing for your infrastructure.

  • Configuration compliance monitoring and alerting
  • Tracking configuration changes
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Hardware lifecycle
  • Hardware component tracking
  • Software versioning

If you would like to see an interactive demo of StableNet, please do not hesitate to contact L3n.